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Університетська, 10 58000 Чернівці
+380 (50) 823 60 96 appeti_group@ukr.net
Appeti Tasty Food
Appeti Tasty Food About us

Appeti tasty food

The Foundation of the fast-food Appetite goes back to 2006. At first it was just a delivery of hot Lunches is the city Chernivtsi. Subsequently, in 2011, opened the first fast food with the name that is Appetite.

As a result, today the city operates 4 of our companies, which employ professionals who, in turn, always being improved for our customers.

In Appetite you can eat fragrant pizzas and delicious fast food restaurant. You can also order their favorite dishes and we will deliver them to any area of the city.

The Appeti team is in constant search of interesting ideas and proposals for our customers. The menu is constantly updated and expanded.

The key to success is that we do not use semi-finished products. The products used to prepare our dishes fresh and clean. In each dish our chefs have put all their skill and love.

We always take care that our food was not only delicious, but also useful. After all, healthy and satisfied customer is the most important thing.

The Appeti team is always moving forward, improving and evolving!

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